California Real Estate Agent Referral Service Launching Soon!

Hello Everyone,

This is Chris Weilacker a recently licensed Real Estate Agent and the owner of this website and we are currently constructing a platform for Real Estate Agents and Property Managers throughout California, whereby we can refer the Top Agents in an area to those looking for Real Estate Agents.  This website will be the mothership website where one can find information about the referral program, search for homes and contact our future support hotline, while sub websites will be created in each city we target to own that city working directly with the team of agents involved to list the city website in the top of the google results for that location.  I am starting this with the Chino Valley(Chino & Chino Hills) for the agency I just joined The Homefinding Center one of the oldest independent realty companies in the area at  The Team will include Cameron Novak, my wife Vivienne Ma(who has started studying for her real estate exam), and myself. When I am looking to expand I will be contacting other teams.  I am also starting this same referral service for Property Management companies and you can find more about that at  Thank you.

Hope to be talking with some of you soon,

Chris Weilacker